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Students who complete 6 months of Creative Writing Program at VNAND are encouraged to create their own personal blogs and explore their talent of writing.

My colored thoughts

… Secretly stroking my heart & my head,
to help redeem myself when I repose on my bed.
Alarming me about the danger that lay ahead,
is a dark sheen of the dreadful color Red.

… Engulfed in its hue – my sapphire ring,
Glittering with a little bit of my favored tinge,
Donning it in my pendant to feel resplendent,
is the discernable lapis that makes me feel independent.

… Jumping on the grass, playing pass and pass
known for beautiful emotional blend – u, I yearn to befriend,
a tint of the new trend, a shade I recommend
on my mom’s cheeks & chin – the famous hue of baby pink.

… Draining me out, oh I feel tired,
a color the sky never admired,
your touch is quite often undesired,
a depressing Gray, you make me fade away.

Shubh Bafna

Drops of Love

Enigmatic and haimish, just as the Shakespearean play of Romeo and Juliet, is the heart touching story of Hydrappus and Oxilandria.

Hydrappus, a just and brave prince of the Kingdom of Elementra was the heir to the absolute and unchallenged Empire except for their rivals, the Gassasians famed for their benevolent yet lethal Princess, Oxilandria.

One fine day, a dance party was hosted by King Solar in the Cosmos Ballroom. That was the first tryst of the prince with the princess. Spotting each other from the ends of the room, they knew that there was more than what met the eye. In a game organized later by the monarch, the men were blindfolded and had to identify their partners.

When Hydrappus took his turn and touched Oxilandria’s frail fingers, it took him not a miniscule of a moment to know that they were made for each other. Clandestinely, they made many endeavors to unite, but the forces of nature kept them apart. Knowing fairly well that they could not be united in that world, they eloped to the universe in search of their love-sanctuary.

Steering past many stars, they finally paused at the Solar System. Seeing nine planets queued up to be their new home, they were full of anxious-euphoria. Discomforted by their approach, Planet Hydragium erected large walls and banned their entry. They moved towards Venus but the soaring heat kept them at bay. With shattered hopes, they moved towards the Earth. All they witnessed was a brown ball with lots to offer. So they decided to alight and perch there.

Mother Earth had a problem in spelling out their names and thus she renamed Hydrappus as Hydrogen and Oxilandria as Oxygen. Later, they got married and the couple popularly came to be known as ‘Aqua’.

They had a lot of fun moving up and down in the air in coherent cycles and even colonized seventy percent of the Earth! The other planets stood in awe and envy of the world which came to be known as “The Blue Planet”

Kartik Verma

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