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Career Counseling

Are you confused about choosing stream in Grade XI?
Is your Graduation major in College not exciting anymore?
Do you want to supplement your current knowledge with prestigious courses?

Just book a slot with VNAND and take a glimpse of the conventional and modern offerings for streams namely Humanities, Law, and Sciences to name a few.

Choosing a stream in class XI will become clear and easy!

New age careers are doing the rounds!
Is it hard to catch up on the rapidly evolving high paying careers and their pre-requisites?

You will be able to select your lifelong profession with clarity.

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Post Graduate Options   Brainstorming Session with an LSR Maths Graduate

Parent Counseling

‘Raising ourselves before raising our children’ is the key. As the role of home mentors is gaining ground, parents should not only have complete knowledge about their child’s prospective career journey but should also know the milestones needed at every grade.
The last two years of high school is a strenuous time zone – children suddenly have to deal with extra tuitions, competitive exams, NGO work, internships, internal exams, pre-boards, practical exams … the list is endless. What should one do to combat the pressures and keep the motivation levels high?

At VNAND, we help you with an understanding of the complete college application process.

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Pearls of Parenting Wisdom

Psychological Counseling

It is a one on one session for school students, college graduates and adults. This 30 sessions therapeutic program addresses the problems of today – fear, rejection, non-validation, forgiveness, procrastination, depression, hope, love, anger, vulnerability, self-esteem, & beliefs.

The first program, ‘thought’ is mandatory as also the last one ‘renewal’.
The in between sessions can be chosen by the individual as per his or her needs.

These sessions help in discovering internal conflicts and eliminating unwanted beliefs. Minimum 8 sessions or 16 hours is recommended for a step toward holistic living.

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