Creative Writing Programme

This is a non-structured programme that can be continued for as long as one wants to hone one’s acumen to pen thoughts. It is for the child, the teenager, and even the grown-ups at every level from Grade V till Grade VII and even beyond.

Writing comes naturally to voracious readers. Henceforth, this module inculcates the interest to read better – write better – speak better using the fine nuances of the English language.

Oft-ignored and rarely appreciated, Creative writing skills last an entire writing lifetime. It is a dive into the great ocean of words, idioms, phrases, and clauses – keeping you afloat on the correct usage of punctuation and teaching you to swim past clichés and display protean strokes of similes and metaphors. Your life jacket undoubtedly is correct grammar.

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Children enrolled at VNAND, started their own blogs as a
part of their Scribbles Curriculum.

Shubh Bafna, an IX Grader, composed a beautiful poem, ‘my colored thoughts’ under the Scribbles Senior Program. His blog is replete with his creative thoughts.

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Shubh Bafna

IX Grade, Step by Step Intl, Noida

Ashita, a Grade XII student wanting to follow in the footsteps of her doctor parents has shown promise by admiring Dr. Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy and writing about her in the CWP at VNAND.

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Ashita Gupta

XII Grade, Amity International, Delhi

Shreshth, enrolled under the Knowledge Enhancement Program, took a shot at unraveling the complex mysteries of Sherlock Holmes by writing about Sherlock’s success mantras in his blog.

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Shreshth Bhargava

X Grade, The Heritage School, Kolkata

Mannat means a ‘wish’. Read how this extremely sensitive and soft-spoken IXth grader wishes for ‘Pressure’ to kneel down in front of her, in her candid poem on her blog.

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Mannat Pruthi

IX Grade, Pathways School, Gurgaon

Kartik Verma explores his poetic passion in the Scribbles Senior Program enrolled at VNAND. His works include a diverse range of topics like narratives, speeches, articles and imaginative proses.

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Kartik Verma

X Grade, Amity Intl School, Noida

Curiosity can be both – a bane and a boon! Lakshitta tells us how. Her other writeups in her blog show how she is conscientious for a good regimen especially sleep. Read on.

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Lakshitta Kohli

IX Grade, Modern School, VV, Delhi

Scribbles Junior – Curriculum:

Introductory – Standard English writing skills…
Grammar rules (customized for all grades)
Fun exercises to reinforce concepts
Word choice – synonyms, antonyms
Sentence – from clichéd to complex

Intermediate – Trained to be a writer…
Recap/Crash Course of the Introductory level
Paraphrasing (Diverse range of topics)
Slogans/Banners/Basic Article writing
Building creative writing & critical thinking skills

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Scribbles Senior – Curriculum

Advanced – If your ward’s creative talents need channelizing…
Recap/Crash Course of Introductory & Intermediate
personal essays, travel narratives, science and nature writing
Short Story writing
Explore, dream, create storyboards

Senior – If your ward has imagination and needs expression…

All earlier levels
Composition – multiple disciplines
Comprehension – Analytical
Poetry introduction
Fiction & Non-fiction writing

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