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Overseas Education

Within a reach of a privileged few in the past decades, overseas education has now become a dream that can be realized, a degree that can be afforded, and a need that can be fulfilled. We help with the following: Complete College Application or Individual Modules

The steps

STEP 1: Choosing a MAJOR for Undergraduate programme.

STEP 1.1: Validating if it can be a life-long profession – job or business
STEP 1.2: SWOT – (Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunities | Threats)
STEP 1.3: Understanding its alignment with school co-curricula

STEP 2: Deciding the place for Undergraduate study (India/Abroad – Both)

STEP 2.1: Check for Country specific standardized tests (SAT, IELTS etc)
STEP 2.2: Enroll for coaching and Register for tests
STEP 2.3: Start College Research

STEP 3: Scaling up Academics in Grade XI – XII

STEP 3.1: Creating an Impeccable Profile while in Class XI-XII
STEP 3.2: Filling up gaps in the profile
STEP 3.3: Enhancing Resume with additional skills

STEP 4: Application Process – October of previous year onwards

STEP 4.1: Start thinking of Statement of Purpose
STEP 4.2: Identifying Teacher for LOR
STEP 4.3: Deciding ED, EA or RD
STEP 4.4: Applying and waiting for result and doing Visa

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SOP & Essay Guidance

A Statement of Purpose states why you want to study a major and the conviction it can carry to an admissions counselor’s desk for selection. Essays, on the other hand, can be diverse. The admissions counselor needs to know you as a person beyond your academic laurels. Your special quirks, passion, talent, community service etc are important to reflect in your essays.

SOP and Essays, therefore, are integral to a prolific college application. We assist in writing statements of purpose and even specific essays for individual colleges. Write to us if need guidance in any.

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SWOT Analysis & Profiling

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats are analyzed in the SWOT Analysis. It makes mentoring easier and specific to the students’ needs.
It also facilitates application processing with timely guidance, filling up lacunae’s if any, and charting a plan that highlights the strengths of the student.

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